Old Plank Road Trail
On-line map of OPRT trail Click on the small map below to enlarge the map to the size of your monitor or screen. Old Plank Road Trail map with points of interest Take a tour of the trail with pictures and descriptions of sights along the trail. Click here to go to the other OPRT map page that features pictures and descriptions of the attractions along the trail keyed to the map.
Forest Preserve District - Will County Forest Preserve District - Will County
Parking and Trail Access There are dozens of streets and roads that cross or abut the OPRT. Many of them provide convenient access to the trail with parking. Public trail access points with lots of free parking include: The western end of the trail on Park Road in Joliet (about 1/2 mile south of U.S. 30, also know as Lincoln Highway). Hickory Creek Junction in Mokena, which is on U.S. 30, has excellent parking and recreational facilities including picnic facilities, a playground, water and bathrooms. Frankfort's Historic District & Breidert's Green on White Street provide excellent parking, water fountains, bathrooms, picnic tables, restaurants, shopping and more. The northeast corner of the Target Store parking lot, just west of Cicero Avenue and about 1/2 mile south of U.S. 30 is a popular parking and access point. A kiosk with trail information, railroad artifacts and maps is located at this point. Logan Park just east of Orchard Street in Park Forest, features a good parking lot, public washroom facilities, a picnic pavilion, And a playground. More Trails in Northern Illinois You can bicycle or walk on public trails from Michigan to the Mississippi River. Click on the maps below to go to websites with more maps and trail information.
Forest Preserve District Trail Maps OPRT paper maps are available at a number of locations. The links below will take you to the map pages on the Forest Preserve District websites for COOK and WILL Counties: Will County FPD Preserve and Trail Maps On-Line Cook County FPD Trail Maps On-Line
Map & Guide click the cover to bring up an Adobe Acrobat version of the 18 by 24 inch Map and Guide to the Old Plank Road Trail
West end connection to Wauponsee Trail click the map to the right to get directions from the western end of the OPRT to downtown Joliet and other trails.
Trails Near the OPRT click the maps for information on trails near the OPRT.
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Forest Preserve District - Will County Forest Preserve District - Will County Forest Preserve District - Will County Forest Preserve District - Will County
Chicago Heights
East end connection to Thorn Creek Trail
Park Forest
Now extends to Campbell Ave. Chicago Heights
Forest Preserve District - Will County
Old Plank Road Trail
A 22-mile recreation and nature trail in northeastern Illinois