Frankfort Public Library archives
M.C.R.R. Blueprints for Frankfort Station Area
Ice Biking If the snow isn’t too deep it’s possible to cycle many stretches of the OPRT. Deeper snow and wet snow requires a lot more exertion as you push your way through the snow. Ice causes traction problems. Studded snow tires, available for some bikes, will prevent rear wheel spin and front wheel steering problems. Mountain bikes are a good winter bike choice, they are designed for off-road conditions. Recumbent bicycles are close to the ground so when you fall you don’t have far to go.
Trek R200 recumbent bicycle with 20 x 1.75-inch Studded snow tires from the Frankfort Public Library
Michigan Central Rail Road records (from Detroit) list property transactions starting in the 1850s. Nelson D. Elwood was a Lockport lawyer while James F. Joy was a rail road investor from Detroit. Records are from the Frankfort Public Library
Other prints show the layout of the railroad spurs, track, and stations in downtown Frankfort.
Frankfort Public Library archives
LEFT: The shelter in Frankfort, Illinois, just east of Center Street. RIGHT: Prairie plants along the trail east of Pheiffer Road.
Old Plank Road Trail
A 22-mile recreation and nature trail in northeastern Illinois