Hennepin Canal Trail

The Hennepin trail runs from Bureau Junction, Illinois to the Quad Cities. You can ride or hike almost all the way across the state of Illinois on biking and hiking trails. From west to east you would use the Hennepin Canal Trail, the Illinois and Michigan Canal Trail, and the Old Plank Road Trail. There are short stretches between the trails where you will need to use regular roads. The Hennepin Canal has 32 locks. Twenty-one of them are on the eastern end of the canal between Bureau Junction and Wyanet. If you are riding or hiking this section it’s uphill most of the way. See the ELEVATION chart for more information. The state of Illinois has nine free bicycle maps that cover the state of Illinois. The section maps below are copied from one of those maps. The League of Illinois Cyclists < BIKELIB.ORG > has detailed maps available on-line.
from state bicycle map

Eastern section map

Western section map

Old Plank Road Trail
A 22-mile recreation and nature trail in northeastern Illinois